Top Apple iPhone 13 Cases

So your expensive phone finally got here. You get passionate, examine the screen, run a game, import a contact checklist, and remember you need to acquire some groceries afterward. Perfect time for the first trip with your new phone. Yet after that, the universe decides it’s time for you to spend for every bad fate you gathered in your life. The phone instantly becomes sentient, obtains extra slippery well, leaps out of your hand or pocket, and lands onto the pavement. The screen is damaged and suffers, assuming what you can do to stop these cases.

Apple Leather Case

One of the first options you obtain when considering acquiring a thin iphone 13 mini case is actually from its producer. Apple offers two cases for its iPhone 13: silicone and leather. We will certainly look at the natural leather case.


Apple tackled a more non-invasive, minimalistic layout utilizing a soft natural leather cover that does not remove from the phone’s premium feel.

Another excellent factor is that the instance is easy to break in place and extremely simple to eliminate. It wraps around the back and the three sides (all corners are covered).

Note: On the backrests, the Apple logo design.

The Apple Leather Case comes in black, midnight blue, red, soft pink, and olive brownish.


The Apple Leather Cases supplies security against day-to-day use, average decreases (around 13 feet), or scratches. If a better deposit is required in rougher environments, we suggest a harder case (Raden are excellent choices).

Inside the case, a microfiber keeps the apple iphone from getting scratches when you remove it or place it in your pocket.

Also, the case is thick sufficient to safeguard the electronic camera lens and the screen.


The instance has holes for the headphone jack, lighting wire, audio speaker, and mute button, generally leaving the bottom of the phone entirely revealed.

The switches are responsive under the cases, and also, although the controls were a bit difficult to press initially, they eased up after a couple of days. In the cam tooth cavity, there is a black anti-glare area.

We came across one issue that due to the greater damage around the screen, some gestures (like swiping from the left) are tough to do.

The apple thin iphone 13 case does bring an element, of course, to the apple iphone 13, and also, although the leather ages, it does add character, yet today, the case is a little bit pricey. If you don’t complain about the price, this case is perfect for the ordinary consumer, fusing affordable protection and a top-quality style.