Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

Neck pain can become unbearable when you don’t get the treatment you need. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy in Lambertville, we provide treatment to help you recover from neck pain. Improve your mobility, reduce headaches, and get the support you need to have a healthier neck. When you are in pain, activity levels are going to drop. It’s harder to stay focused on work when you have consistent neck pain. We are ready to talk to you about treatment goals, and give you the care you deserve.

Low Productivity and Neck Pain

Neck pain makes it difficult to sit at a desk and to concentrate on your work. Stretching can help, but there are times when your Neck pain requires professional support in order to heal. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we understand the importance of staying productive at work. We know that pain in your neck can leave you with headaches, and make it hard to sit and focus. We work with you on a treatment protocol that is specific for your needs. When you have neck pain, it’s time to see how physical therapy can make a difference.

Treatment for Neck Pain at Physical Therapy

Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we develop a treatment plan based on your symptoms and treatment goals. We will do a thorough medical evaluation, measure range of motion, and order imaging if necessary to figure out what is going on. Treatment may begin as soon as your evaluation is over. You might receive hot or cold therapy, soft tissue mobilization, traction, stretching, or learn exercises to help stretch and strengthen your neck muscles at home.

Consistency with Treatment

It is important to stay consistent with the treatment you are receiving here at PT Link Physical Therapy. Think of your therapy as a treatment program, and each session builds upon the one before it. When you attend your therapy appointments as scheduled, you are going to get the most out of your physical therapy. If you skip appointments, you are not going to see the progress that you want to.

Pay Attention to Your Home Exercises

Your home exercise program is designed to support the work you are doing with your physical therapist. Learn the exercises you are prescribed, and ask questions of your physical therapist if you are not sure how to do an exercise. Your exercises should be performed as prescribed, and are not designed to cause you pain. If your exercises hurt, stop the exercise and let your physical therapist know.

When you work with a physical therapist here at PT Link Physical Therapy, you will get the support you need to heal your body. Neck pain can be persistent, and it’s important to follow through with your treatment protocol. If you have neck pain, poor range of motion, headaches, or trouble concentrating because of pain, it’s time to get the treatment you deserve. Contact PT Link Physical Therapy and set up your initial consultation. Better health is possible when you get the right treatment.