Your Griddle Dream Comes True with Masterbuilt Series 800 Offered by BBQs 2U

BBQs 2u have been passionately supplying premium BBQs and accessories from across the world at the most competitive price.

You can use their online contact form or live chat options to experience the best possible customer service. They provide magnificently strong and durable BBQs to withstand the harsh outdoor climatic conditions of the UK.

At BBQs 2u, you can buy the most innovative and upgraded BBQ like the Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 800 at a minimum price of £999.00.

It is also available at a maximum price of £1305.00 which includes some relevant accessories like grill cover, rotisserie, lump charcoal, and pizza oven. This pit master pack has a price tag with 4.44% discount.

The Gravity Series 800 is the only BBQ to offer griddle along with grilling and smoking experiences. The grill can reach to a searing temperature of 700°F in just 14 minutes, which the grill’s maximum temperature.

It also features a flat top griddle insert and cast-iron grates to allow cooking at low and slow smoking or at high searing.

BBQs 2u also offer other two variants, the Gravity Series 560 and 1050, priced at £649.00 and £999.00 respectively.

The three variants of the Gravity Series commonly feature a DigitalFan™ to control the grill temperature and a GravityFed™ charcoal hopper to hold fuel. Different cooking space and technology of the variants are the reasons for different price tag.

The Series 800 has cord storage in the back of side shelf to prevent damage to the power supply. It also features a built-in temperature gauge and meat probe thermometer for precise cooking temperature.

The removable grease tray under the cooking surface of the Series 800 holds the food drippings. BBQs 2u also provides 1 year warranty along with the package to ensure product reliability.

You can connect the Series 800 to your smart devices through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to digitally control and monitor your grilling. It also helps you to ensure more consistent temperature while you enjoy your party.

How to season the griddle of your Masterbuilt Series 800?

Apart from general seasoning to avoid rusting, your Series 800 BBQ requires an extra and separate seasoning activity for the griddle.

It includes –

  1. Convert your grill to the griddle by switching the griddle manifold over the grill manifold.
  2. Set the griddle temperature to 250°F initially for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Pour the cooking oil or other cooking spray over the griddle surface.
  4. Rub the oil to cover the entire griddle surface with the help of paper towel and BBQ hand-gloves.
  5. Again, heat the griddle up to 400°F till the oil evaporates off the griddle.
  6. Once the oil is removed, reduce the temperature to 350°F.
  7. Pour more oil on the griddle surface and wipe it thoroughly over the griddle surface.
  8. The griddle will smoke out the oil again.
  9. Allow the griddle to cool down completely.

Finally, your grill is ready to griddle.

BBQs 2u provide online reviews, demos and more information on the Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 800 and accessories. They also have return policies for any in-transit damage or placing wrong orders.

The unmatchable product features and BBQs 2u discounts on Gravity Series 800 will insist you to buy for your spring barbequing plans.