Improving Smart Home Living With 3 Particular Devices

Google Nest Wi-Fi

Smart Homes are becoming quite the common find across the United States, more so because the technology has become widely available even to the domestic customer. You would initially find dormitories or malls, or hospitals among other commercial sites that used smart technology – automatic doors, sensor escalators, motion sensor lighting; you get the picture.

But given that smart technology is now available for the domestic customer, and more commonly referred to as smart home devices, there is no way a homeowner can’t automate their home in an inexpensive and quick way. There are plenty of devices, such as smart lights, smart thermostats, smart cameras and smart sprinklers to name a few that homeowners almost always resort to buying because they come in handy when it’s about the daily things. So these devices are what contribute to the home automation factor along with energy efficiency; the bonus – lower utility bills overtime!

There is however a way to improve on that smart home lifestyle too. And this may sound like a Google advert but trust that these are the 3 devices that any smart home owner should consider adding to their home to further improve on that technology.

  1. Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

To begin with, Wi-Fi and Internet is the most crucial aspect of any home regardless of whether there are smart devices around or not. We use to it surf the internet, watch all our Netflix and Amazon series, video call friends and family half way across the world or even attend virtual classes and meetings from our living room.

However in order to do all of the above you obviously require stable internet connectivity along with good Wi-Fi coverage. So when you have a smart home with multiple smart devices, along with the different uses of the internet of course, it is always a smart idea to have router extenders around the premises. But here’s something better: the Google Nest Wi-Fi Router. Instead of installing an extender or two, the Nest Router can cover an area of around 2200 square feet, while providing seamless connectivity to multiple devices simultaneously. If this won’t run your smart home smoothly then we don’t know what will!

  1. Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is really a smart way to enable voice control for multiple things around your home. And even if something in particular isn’t smart, you can always plug them into Smart Plugs to enjoy those benefits. Getting back to smart speakers however, the Nest Mini is a great contender. A compact device, available in 4 shades that can fit into any home aesthetic. Place it on the kitchen counter near an outlet or mount it on a wall, the device can pick up on sounds from a few feet away. It comes built in with the Google Assistant – Google’s very own version of a voice assistant just like Amazon’s Alexa.

Other than the fact that the Nest Mini would allow homeowners to use devices through voice enabled control, it is after all a speaker that can play music from YouTube or Spotify, filling the room with its rich sound quality.

  1. Google Nest Protect

Something out of the ordinary but a very useful device if we’re being honest. Every home or commercial property has smoke detectors and fire alarms as stated by the NFPA guidelines. For that, there is the perfect device for homeowners to install in their homes: the Nest Protect. A smart smoke detector that is available in wired and battery operated variants, and does the work of both ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors.

What that means is that the Nest Protect can pick up on anything from smoldering to fast burning fires, and even carbon monoxide gas leaks, and from within a good range not just close by from the device itself. It’s wired variant triggers all connected alarms upon hazard detection but what’s even better is the fact that it sends an alert directly to your connected mobile device! So whether you are home or away, the device is quick to alert homeowners in real time for swift action. Additionally, the device was a warm glow that can light up your way in the middle of the night – and it’s great for those that usually wake up for a glass of water.

As we mentioned before, this isn’t just a Google advert, but some of the best smart devices that could potentially enhance the smart home experience for home owners. Convenience made better with voice enabled control thanks to the Nest Mini, as is home safety because of the Nest Protect. Let’s not forget the device at the root of it all: the Nest Wi-Fi Router! Because what good is a smart home if your devices can’t connect to the internet during every minute of the day? You can find these 3 devices at FirstEnergy Home’s website, Head on over to view their catalogue and get amazing prices!